The only thing more satisfying than drinking wine...

is discovering it

Jerry Greenfield is The Wine Whisperer

An experienced public speaker and wine educator, not a stuffy sommelier,
Jerry makes great wine easy and fun to understand and

Jerry knows that the world of wine can be intimidating and even
  mysterious. But he "de-mystifies" the subject and offers useful hints,
    tips, and information that add elegance and fun to every lifestyle.

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Latest Blog Post

Wine Ratings. Lesson Learned.

By The Wine Whisperer

Let’s face it…when you’re in a wine shop looking at an unfamiliar bottle, trying to make a buying decision, the ratings matter.  Maybe you look them up on your smartphone, or maybe the store has posted the ratings on the shelf tags.  They’ll do that as long as somebody has given the wine more than about 86 points.

Most of us, if we don’t know the particular producer or varietal we’re considering, will be at least a little nudged toward (or away from) buying the wine because some magazine or independent critic gave it this many or that many points. 

Doing that can be a mistake, a...
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